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5 Great Design Ideas for Kitchen Base Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinet is the most exposed as well as the most utilized area of your home. You will definitely want your cabinet design to be such that there is sufficient space, organization and convenience when using it. This is why you should look for storage options that will establish all the above mentioned points. The following lines discuss 5 popular designs in kitchen base cabinets from which you can choose the one that suits your overall kitchen decor.

The Lazy Susan:

This base cabinet design is still the most sought after option. These are spin units that are made from either plastic, wood or metal. These units measure within 28 inch and 32 inch in diameter.

The Base Recycling Center:

One of the most popular cabinetry features that customers demand for is a pull out recycle/garbage center. Opt for a solid, durable pull out recycling/garbage center that is backed by a strong support. You can select a frame made from natural maple that features full-access glides. It will give you the advantage of removing the plastic garbage bins with ease.

The Roll Out Tray Divider:

This base cabinet design is a good option for those that have serious problem in finding trays at the right time. The roll out tray divider is an amazing organizer for cookie sheets, cutting boards and trays. It helps you get the right utensil promptly without having to dig for it. This versatile base cabinet is available in two popular width dimensions- 12 inches and 15 inches. It helps in maximizing the space in your kitchen cabinet. In case your cabinet space is smaller than the above dimensions, you can opt for the 9 inch width divider that comes without a drawer.

The Base Pot and Pan Organizer:

The best part of installing a pull out cabinet drawer is that it helps you organize all the pans, lids and pots and keeps them arranged. Most homeowners select 36 inch wide base pot and pan organizers. However, you can also opt for organizers with lesser dimensions in width such as 24 inches, 30 inches and 33 inches, in case of space restraint.

The Plastic Bag Storage Unit:

This storage unit is helpful in stacking up all the plastic bags in a single place, giving you the option of reusing the plastic bags. You can store kitchen cleaning items such as sponges on the upper tray which is plastic lined. Use the rest of the unit for storing plastic bags, which remain clean for reuse inside this unit.

The very purpose of making a thoughtful investment in your kitchen is to increase your home value. Make sure that you choose durable and quality cabinets so that it saves you maintenance costs, yet gives you back in fold when reselling your home.

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