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We start with a sketch!

Follow these steps to create a simple sketch of your project area and one of our designers will create a free kitchen design.

Step 1
Sketch the walls

Creating a kitchen design starts with a sketch the room or area where you are planning your project. It does not have to be perfect, just the general shape will do.

Step 2
Add elements

Mark the locations of any windows, doors, openings and appliances. You can also outline the existing countertop or island.

Step 3
Measure and label

Measure each surface, window or opening and note on your sketch. Appliance sizes are noted on the design questionnaire.

Tell us about your project

When creating a kitchen design, we want to be on the same page. Let us know about your project goals and details.

Step 1
Click the Download Link

The link below will open our design questionnaire. You may complete the form on your phone or computer or print and complete another time.

Step 2
Complete the form

Fill out the design questionnaire to help us get a better understanding of your project. This will include details like design preferences, measurements storage needs and which services you require. 

Step 3
Save the form

You can upload this form with your sketch when using our online Request a Quote form. You can also drop off your sketch and questionnaire to one of our showrooms.

That's it! We can now start working on your kitchen design.

With this information our designers can create a scale floor plan and start to create your dream space. Upload your sketch and questionnaire using our Request a Quote link below or print and drop off to one of showrooms.