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5 Tips to Refinish your Hardwood Floors

Floor sand and refinishing is a very strenuous activity and requires precision, patience and clarity. You can very easily beautify or ruin your hardwood floors if you are unable to identify what you want. Therefore, a brief list of guidelines can be very rewarding before you refinish those wooden floors or you may consult a hardwood flooring installer.

Focus, analyze, implement

Start by deciding and analyzing whether your floor needs a refinish at all before you wrap up all that heavy furniture. If you feel confident you must inspect a number of things. Is your floorboard concealed behind murky layers of carpeting; is it bare and rugged with ugly stains and dents all over it, or is it simply craving for a shiny makeover?
In case there are no existing abrasions, a little touch up followed by a sweep of paint can completely transform the look of your room! Before you rush to get the new look, scrutinize every nook and corner to identify cracks, crevices, stains or any form of damage hidden from the naked eye.

Hammer, Scrape and Tape

The next step is to hunt for protruding nails. Please remember that pulling those nails out is a messy job. It is simpler to hammer them down with the help of nail tools so that you avoid hammer dents on the surface board. The next thing in line is to scan for those stubborn globules of grime and grit or the nasty pieces of old carpet that stick firmly to the floorboard. You might also want to cover wall closets, electronic devices and tape all the electric switchboards or any plug-in outlet that might be exposed to dirt and dust.

Clean away

Next is to sweep away the debris and rigorously remove stubborn stains and marks. It is extremely important to vacuum and wipe the area clean before sanding or painting.
This step is extremely crucial because you would not wish to seal a fresh coat of paint on the dirty wooden floor board.

Sand away

Different types of sanders are available and can be easily opted for rent.

Ready to paint

Like wall paints, most floor paints tend to differ in colour after application. Therefore it is advisable to test a small area with the paint of your choice.
Make sure there is enough ventilation before you set out to coat your floor with paint. Use gloves and long-hand brushes if you’re painting your own floors. You wouldn’t be enjoying the makeover if you’re down with a severe back pain!

You must start painting in a strategic manner so that you are left with an exit trail during the painting session. This gives you the liberty to walk in and out of the room without disturbing the delicate surface of paint. You can apply as many coats of paint or stain depending upon the colour, hue or tone of preference. Paints are also known to last longer if a layer of polyurethane is applied after the initial paint dries up.

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