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Start your project with a plan

The benefits of working with a designer

A clear view

Create a roadmap to your dream kitchen

A kitchen designer can help you pull all the pieces of your project together into a single floor plan. Making it easier to visualize your design and start your project on the right foot.

Save Time

Efficient projects follow a plan

Kitchen renovations usually require several tradespeople. Keeping everyone on the same page using one plan for all can help better schedule your project and save you time.

Save Money

Spot design issues early

Changing the design after the installation has begun can be costly. Changing cabinets during the design phase is free.  A designer’s layout and spacing knowledge could save your project from huge delays and extra cost.

Getting started?

Take a tour with designer Payton

One of the biggest challenges in starting a renovation is simply finding a place to start! Feel confident in your kitchen renovation project with an expert on your side. Your kitchen designer will help guide you through the process of bringing your dream kitchen to life, from start to finish. 

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A kitchen floor plan above showing cabinets and island

A road map to your dream kitchen

Scale floor plans and elevations

Floor plans and elevations will show you the technical information about your project. A floor plan will allow you to see the size and shape of a space, in a way that photos can’t express. Floor plans are also the graphical representation of your quotation. displaying the cabinets, countertop, and other items in your design.

Visualize your design

3D images included

See your new kitchen in a way that floor plans can’t express. 3D images help you to visualize the color, elements, and overall mood of your kitchen before making any decisions. The days of selecting from tiny samples and hoping for the best are over. Explore different options and find your style.


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