Granite Countertop Design & Colors - Makes your Home Beautiful

Granite Countertop Colours: Making A Beautiful Home

Granite counter tops are a popular choice because of their durability, low maintenance and high resistance to heat, stains and scratches. The natural shade of granite offers you an array of hue to opt from and it also happens to be extremely pocket friendly! Granite surfaces are eco-friendly and appreciated for a lifetime because they just do not seem to age! They look beautiful and elegant even after using them for a decade.

Blend in with different decor styles!

Setting up a granite counter top certainly beautifies your kitchen but choosing the right colour and right kitchen granite countertops installer can add a few extra points to the glam quotient. A good way to opt for the right colour is to understand how the contrast tones work. Glance through the following pointers that will help you experiment with different decor styles:

  • Choose your shades keeping the functionality of your countertops in mind.
  • If the utility of your kitchen is brief and lacks heavy duty usage, go for the lighter shades!
  • Since installing counter tops are one of your long term investments, make sure you make up your mind and choose the right hue! You wouldn’t want to revamp your countertop in seven days!
  • For a kitchen that flaunts a delicate shade of white or cream on its walls and closets, the counter top could be a bold auburn or a shade of brown!
  • Go for lighter shades if your cabinets are on the darker shade. A good contrast combination enhances the overall decor of the room.
  • Rooms that showcase large doors and windows can pull of countertops of the darker shade.
  • Light countertops in bathrooms and kitchens compliment well with lighter shades of tiles on the floor.
  • If you are looking for a contemporary makeover, multi-coloured mosaic tiles are a classic option for you.
  • Make sure that your countertop blends in with the surrounding fixtures and cabinets as well.
  • A diverse palette of red, blue, green and black shades of countertop are readily available!
  • Consider the lighting of your kitchen before selecting any shade. If your kitchen is devoid of natural light, opt for the slabs that come with numerous light coloured spots and speckles


  • Granite is easy to clean and saves you a lot of hard work.
  • Spills and liquid stains can be easily wiped off and in case of tough stains, a rag soaked in warm soap water does the trick.
  • Although granite has high resistant capacity and is non reactive to most pollutants, it is quite vulnerable to cleaning agents like ammonia, vinegar and lemon. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid acid base cleaners on a regular basis.
  • If you absolutely love your countertop you can also make your own kitchen top cleaner.

For this, you need to mix an ounce of any mild detergent or a liquid dish soap in luke warm outer and add some rubbing alcohol to it; the alcohol will also attribute as an antiseptic.