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Gray Kitchen Cabinets; Timely or Timeless?

The kitchen is the main hub of a home, it is where we prepare meals, eat, the kids gather round to do homework, and entertain our friends in family. In recent years design experts have taken all this in to consideration when creating plans for new builds and renovations. Creating open living spaces is what is on everyone’s mind. With this now the growing want, colour selections have to be more thought through to ensure each room works in accordance with the other. With this being said the kitchen is one of the largest most expensive renovations that can be done in a home, so choosing the finishes a design for this space can be a home owner’s biggest decision in regards to design.

There are many trends that come and go in the design world. When renovating a kitchen there are many options and things to consider; cabinet colours, cabinet door style, countertop type, countertop colour, appliances, sink type, fixtures, lighting, flooring, handles and the never ending accessories available. The question is which of these are here to stay?

Cabinet style and colour is probably the first and biggest decision to be made when renovating your kitchen. Gray cabinets are a trend that is being seen everywhere right now and is growing in popularity. Design magazines and television shows can give you many ideas, but will it work for you in your space?

Gray is a perfect neutral, and helps us steer away from the never ending beige that has been found in homes for years. Gray in a space has been associated with more modern homes, I think due to the hard surfaces that the colour may reflect; cement, stone, steel. However this is not necessarily true. Gray can be used in many ways to create a warm and inviting space no matter what the style.

Now knowing that gray can work in any style of home, you must decide if it is a good choice for your kitchen cabinets or simply a great wall or accent colour. There are many shades of gray to choose from, dare I say more than 50…

You should select the shade of gray cabinet based on the size and layout of your kitchen. If you have a small L shaped kitchen or a galley, you may opt for a lighter gray to help brighten up the space. A larger kitchen with an island is more versatile in the colour selection that can be made. You may also consider doing a mixed kitchen with gray on the island and a contrasting colour on the main area of the space, or the opposite.

The options for countertops is vast as well, if you are selecting a gray kitchen cabinet the most popular combination is a light or white countertop. However going with a gray neutral leaves you with no shortage of choices. This is when incorporating your flooring into the design becomes important. Considering your flooring choice can really help when selecting your backsplash and countertop, as well as the tone of the gray for the cabinets. Picking similar cool or warm tones helps to bring the whole room together.

If you are concerned about your space being too small and you are going with dark gray cabinet, a white or light countertop will help create contrast and make everything appear brighter. A dark counter or black is also a great choice. Black is denser and absorbs more light in a space, so this is a better selection for a larger kitchen. There are also many mixed tone granites available. This is a great way to pull the colour from your gray tone cabinet into the counters. Bringing a sample door of your cabinet with you to the stone yard is the best way to ensure your choice will work in your kitchen.

With all the different options to choose from gray is an excellent choice for your kitchen renovation. There are many finishes for you to make the cabinets personalized to work in your space. So what colour combo will you choose? Let RockWood Kitchens help guide you to the right colour choices and design!