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Tricks to Refurbish Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a welcome idea for a home-maker. Who does not want to see fresh paint, new cabinets for kitchen and flooring and other additions in her kitchen? Not only does this add a new touch to the home decor, but it also increases the home value for the homeowner. These days homeowners either opt for new homes with amazing kitchen designs and installation or have their kitchen renovated as soon as they have made financial savings.

Kitchen Remodeling for Impressive ROI:

Although, the process of kitchen renovation is a laborious one, it can offer great returns, if it is carried out efficiently- both in terms of pleasure-factor and ROI. But remember- you may be able to keep away from a few demanding aspects, however you cannot just avoid your feelings of depression, tension, defeat and frustration during the course of the project. This is a well-known and well-experienced fact!

Expansion Guideline:

Don’t even consider expanding your kitchen through square feet addition. Addition of a small space or a room altogether is a highly expensive affair, when it comes to kitchen remodeling. This process is a complicated one and requires framing, foundation work and permits among other essentials. On the contrary, you should look for extra space in sun room, hallway, closet, etc. These days open, spacious kitchens are in vogue, but you may not be able to afford a large kitchen. Great food can be prepared in small spaces too!

Cabinet Style:

To make your kitchen appear attractive, you are allowed to spend on state-of-the-art cabinets. Only two elements are burdened with abuse- cabinets and floor. You can invest in solid wood for cabinets faces, while making the box construction using full plywood. Moreover, your kitchen’s value will increase if you can add drawers with heavy mechanical slides and dovetail joinery.

The Best Option in Flooring:

As far as the flooring is concerned, do not opt for hardwood floors as it does not absorb liquids like water (prevalent in a kitchen), has spills all over its surface and shows marks of foot prints- all of which make the place appear dirty and messy. You should rather invest in porcelain tiles or surfaces that are made of natural stones (that require proper sealing). Although, hardwood floor is good for long-standing purpose, especially if you experience back pain, but it cannot substitute the indestructible, solid surface of tiles.

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