Warranty - Rockwood Kitchens

Warranty Terms

CABINET ONE YEAR WOOD WARRANTY (Warranty is non-transferable).
Rockwood Kitchens hereby warrants that all cabinets sold by RockWood Kitchens are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the defective part at the discretion of Rockwood Kitchens, and does not include labor for removal or replacement.
This warranty does not extend to defects caused by improper handling, storage, installation, assembly or disassembly, intentional damage, product modifications, exposure to the elements including humidity which may result in warping or splitting, accidental misuse, abuse or negligence.
Natural wood may vary in texture, colour and wood grain, and exhibit subtle change as they age. For example, wood joints may eventually have visible cracking around the joint area, and cabinet colours may darken or lighten over time. Sunlight, smoke, moisture, household cleaners and other environmental conditions may cause materials to vary from their original colour and/or to warp, split or crack. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to its environmental exposure and not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover the natural aging or darkening / mellowing of wood color, the inherent growth characteristics of, or variation in wood.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage or defects caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, or lack of necessary maintenance; nor does it cover alteration, modification, improper installation, improper handling / storage, environmental conditions, nor any labor expenses.
Some replacement parts are subject to availability and may differ from original parts received. Return of defective product may be required for a replacement to be issued. Repair parts or replacement parts are at the expense of Rockwood Kitchens, but customer shall bear all other expenses. These expenses may include, but are not limited to, cost of removal and re-installation of product, labor expenses, etc.
Some of the cabinet lines feature a glazed finish which accentuates the door and drawer front profiles. This glaze is hand applied over a stain or paint and may, due to the nature of application, consist of random drips, and runs. As glazing is a hand applied process there will be variations in color and appearance from door to door and cabinet to cabinet. This is not considered a defect and is considered normal with hand applied finishes.
It is the nature of wood to expand and contract to varying degrees depending on climate conditions. As a result, cabinet lines with painted surfaces may show fractures in the paint at joints. This is normal and is not considered a defect and does not affect the durability of the cabinet.
Bow, Warp and Twist Tolerances
Allowable tolerances of bow, warp or twist for single panel, multi-panel, and frame only doors are as follows:
1. Multi-panel up to 22″ wide and 50″ high = up to 3/16″.
2. Any door exceeding 26″ wide or 50″ high will not be warranted.
PLEASE NOTE: RockWood Kitchens offers one free service call during the first year of purchase. Any additional service calls needed once this service call has been used, or after the one year cabinet warranty expires, is at a cost of $200.00+HST, which must be paid upon the scheduling of a service call date.
HARDWARE LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY (Warranty is non-transferrable).The life time warranty is specific to RockWood manufactured cabinets. This warranty applies to drawer glides and door hinges only. If glides or hinges stop working properly, RockWood Kitchens will exchange the damaged glides and hinges without charge when brought into a showroom. Shipping would be an additional cost. There will be a service charge if customer wishes for RockWood Kitchens to visit customers home and replace glides or hinges.