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Win a $500 Credit Card from Rockwood Kitchens!

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Happy holiday everyone, its that jolly time of year again and we would like to give back to our wonderful community for all your support throughout the years so we would like to give away $500 visa gift card for anyone that guess how many skittle is in the jar. We will be announcing the winner during our company Christmas party this Saturday Dec 9th 2017 at 7pm.

To win you would need to comment how many skittle is in the jar and like our Facebook Page to show your support.

We have been hosting the free ugly kitchen giveaway for many years now and its been exceptionally fun and amazing to see that lucky family win a new kitchen so we are thinking of hosting another kitchen giveaway to the ugliest kitchen again this year so if you like the idea please show your support by sharing and liking our Facebook Page so more people in our community have a chance to participate. We have been extremely busy this year with the expansion of 3 new stores but if enough people liking the idea we will host one and contest will starts around Feb 2018.

We wish everyone the best of luck and hope your holiday will be amazing 🎉🎊