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10 Easy Decorating Ideas For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner and there are great decorating tips to add a cozy feel for your home. Here are 10 easy decorating ideas for your home without making a dent in your wallet.


Add an autumnal touch to an open bookcase with fall colored leaves and small baby pumpkins. These items can be found at local crafts stores. Strategically place along the shelves, between books, or inside a picture frame for a fall look.

Line Your Steps

Pairing different shaped pumpkins and mums along each step to your doorway. Mums work perfectly for fall because once the buds begin to open, its guaranteed blooms whether they are in the sun or shade.

Make Pomanders

Having a centre piece plate with a display of oranges studded with dried whole cloves to add a festive and spice scent for your fall décor. Even adding this to your bathroom as an air freshener will give the room a festival feel.

Make Your Own Custom Candle Holders

Take mini pumpkins, cut a 1 inch wide circle into each pumpkin, scoop out the centers, and place some white candles inside.

Mantelpiece Arrangement

Incorporate fall with multiple arrangements. The trick to arranging leaves is to group them by color and size. Red maple makes a gorgeous focal point when countered with feathery leaves of dawn redwood laden with globes of gray-green fruit.

Use Color To Make A Statement

Create a fall look with orange and white palette. Using white linens and dishes paired with a few orange pieces will create a sophisticated look.

Pumpkin Flower Vase

For a fall vibe feel, take a pumpkin and fill it with violas, red and green leaf lettuce, pansies, thyme and rosemary to decorate.

Broom Door Badge

Your fall décor is incomplete until you’ve hung something on the front door. These are easy to create. Add dried hydrangeas, salvia, rose hips and sorghum to add a pop of colour.

Etch Your Pumpkin

Add style to your home by using gold or black acrylic paint or etching the pumpkin with your address number.

Fall In A Jar

Create a fall scene with a bell jar showcasing mini pumpkins and a spring of oak leaves on a bed of moss.