September 12, 2014 - Rockwood Kitchens

Day: September 12, 2014

Top 8 Steps to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular flooring option for both domestic and commercial purpose. Ease of maintenance and a wide choice of designs make it a top draw amongst consumers. Another reason of course, is the ease of installation. There is no need to stop work in office or for a family to make major shifting arrangements just because the floor is being done. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing laminate flooring:

Useful 8 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen then here are a few useful tips


You store a lot of items in kitchen – from food items, crockery to linen. It is important to make adequate space for each item so that the items can be found when you need them. The aim is to get a clutter-free environment. Make room for extra cabinets and the smaller articles so that you find them with ease.


Kitchen is the major consumer of water in the home. Hence, the plumbing around the sink should be checked for cracks and leaks regularly. Do not just seal them with adhesives. Replace the pipes because sooner or later the cracks will increase and you will have to overhaul the entire system, which will cost more money. …

10 Easy Decorating Ideas For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner and there are great decorating tips to add a cozy feel for your home. Here are 10 easy decorating ideas for your home without making a dent in your wallet.


Add an autumnal touch to an open bookcase with fall colored leaves and small baby pumpkins. These items can be found at local crafts stores. Strategically place along the shelves, between books, or inside a picture frame for a fall look.

Useful Tips of Selecting the Right Kitchen Floor

How to Select the Right Kitchen Floor?

The life of the house resides within its kitchen. It takes a great deal of careful planning to make a kitchen truly spectacular and at the same time functional enough so that whoever is working in the kitchen can get the work done with utmost ease and comfort. Kitchen flooring plays a pivotal role not only in terms of appearance but also from the point of view of functionality.

Thinking Big On A Smaller Scale

When renovating a small kitchen, not everyone is willing to spend the extra cost to have a wall knocked down to create a larger space. Sometimes you would have to make the best of what you’re working with. While it may seem hard to find the space to fit everything you want in a smaller kitchen but with the right kitchen design, lighting and appliances, any small kitchen can become fabulous and efficient.

Top Updates to Do in Order To Sell Your House Quick

Let’s face it, the market for selling your home is a tough one. The only way to sell your house before your neighbor sell theirs is the amount of problems that have to fix when they move in. The buyer is already spending all this money on their new home and do not want to spend more on fixing or renovating. But with these tips your house will be sold like hotcakes!

Why Opt for Hardwood Flooring

As far as the flooring is concerned, there are a myriad options to choose from. Those who want an upscale and regal look to their house, often opt for marble or granite flooring. Although they look good, somehow, somewhere they lack a certain amount of warmth. Wood flooring, especially hardwood flooring, is meant for those who want a clean, simple and yet lived- in look. Wood finishing brings the feel of being close to nature. Moreover, hardwood is very durable and strong and would for a number of years and is a good investment.