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Why Opt for Hardwood Flooring

As far as the flooring is concerned, there are a myriad options to choose from. Those who want an upscale and regal look to their house, often opt for marble or granite flooring. Although they look good, somehow, somewhere they lack a certain amount of warmth. Wood flooring, especially hardwood flooring, is meant for those who want a clean, simple and yet lived- in look. Wood finishing brings the feel of being close to nature. Moreover, hardwood is very durable and strong and would for a number of years and is a good investment.

Hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of timber and is thus, very strong. They are ideal for holding up the walls and other partitions of the house. In fact, other kinds of floors like tiles or even stone might get chipped or cracked if anything heavy falls on them or is dragged over them. However, the same pressure will hardly affect the hardwood flooring. They have a thicker surface and can be sanded and finished for a really smooth finish. A layer of termite protection saves it from any kind of infection.

Hardwood flooring is more resistant to dampness. Dust and grime do not easily stick to the surface and they can be easily removed. In fact, there are many old mansions around the world which have their original hardwood flooring still in place, shiny and intact just like when they were first installed. Hardwood flooring does not develop cracks and crevices like other wood flooring, hence the chances of insects and pests finding refuge in them is almost nil. There is no need to carpet the floors- they look elegant and classy and saves you the trouble of carpet cleaning.

Moreover, good timber, like oak, pine or mahogany is hard to come across these days, and when you invest in flooring made from such expensive variety of wood, your house becomes a status symbol. Also, it adds to the aura and charm of the house, rendering it a very old- world feel to it.
On the other hand, hardwood flooring can also easily be modified for a more contemporary look. The grain and texture of the wood plays an important role in this aspect. One can also bring about a variation in color like oak blackened wood or stained wood. Walnut or cherry have different colors and patterns. The natural patterns of the grain look mesmerizing.

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