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Thinking Big On A Smaller Scale

When renovating a small kitchen, not everyone is willing to spend the extra cost to have a wall knocked down to create a larger space. Sometimes you would have to make the best of what you’re working with. While it may seem hard to find the space to fit everything you want in a smaller kitchen but with the right kitchen design, lighting and appliances, any small kitchen can become fabulous and efficient.

Making The Most Of Corner Space

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, if you have a single wall kitchen or a galley kitchen, it can be easier to use up all the necessary space – wall to wall. If you are dealing with an L-shaped or U-shape floor plan, consider using a corner cabinet with a built-in lazy susans to optimize the use of the space. If your space can only fit a blind corner cabinet, you can purchase corner organizer to help make awkward space more functional.

Think Taller

Sometimes you are limited in the in the length of your kitchen to place cabinets, keeping your storage space low – but if you have the ceiling height – it would be a good idea to use taller wall cabinets. Not only does this help give you extra storage space, but the height of taller cabinets will make the space feel bigger. Although most homes now-a-day have a bulkhead – a majority of the time, they have nothing running through them. Consider taking a peek in them to see if there are any plumbing or electrical running through them. If they are empty, removing them is very inexpensive and it would be worth having the taller cabinets.

Consider An Over The Range Microwave

With small kitchens, you can be limited to counter space. You want to make sure you don’t clutter your counter space with small appliances. The best way to keep house hold appliances off the counter is to incorporate them into the design itself; such as using a Microwave above your stove.

Buy Appliances To Fit Your Kitchen

Consider the size of your appliances to the size of your kitchen. If you are in a very tight space, it may be time to purchase some appliances to fit your kitchen. Usually, when you are renovating your kitchen, most likely it will be time to purchase new appliances as well. There are so many different size of stoves, dishwasher, and fridges available that you would be able to find the right size. Don’t design your kitchen to fit your appliances, purchase your appliances to fit your kitchen.


When it comes to small spaces, there are so many accessories that would be useful to keep your small kitchen functional. If you are not considering drawer bases – do consider adding roll-out trays to your base cabinets to make use of the storage in the back. Other great accessory includes – roll out spice racks, hidden waste bins and double stacked cutler drawers.

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