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Top 8 Steps to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular flooring option for both domestic and commercial purpose. Ease of maintenance and a wide choice of designs make it a top draw amongst consumers. Another reason of course, is the ease of installation. There is no need to stop work in office or for a family to make major shifting arrangements just because the floor is being done. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing laminate flooring:

1. Humidity and temperature can adversely affect laminate flooring and hence you should bring the material at least 48 hours before you start the installation so that they become acclimatized to the temperature inside the house. Remove any plastic wrappings and do not allow moisture on the flooring in any way. Air them properly and leave some space in between for proper circulation.

2. The subfloor has to be prepared before installing new flooring. After you have removed the old tiles etc from the top, clear the subfloor of any kind of residue debris or dirt. That will prevent the new tiles laminate flooring from sticking properly. Keep the subfloor as smooth as possible. On the other hand, if you are laminating on top of a new concrete floor then make sure it is fully cured.

3. Next, you have to install the vapor barrier. There are two types- in the first one you have to overlap one barrier with the other near the joints. The other variety would entail you to place them side by side. It depends on the manufacturer of the barrier and the variety you have bought. The instructions on the packaging will guide you through the process but it is best if you started with the longest wall.

4. You should trim the door jambs in a way that the flooring goes below them smoothly. You can use a flat saw or a copying saw for the process.

5. Next, you can start installing the laminate planks. Start with the longest wall but do not push the planks right up to the wall. Rather, install spacers first and then put the planks. The spaces will create a half inch gap from the wall so that if the planks expand due to heat, then they can do so without turning or warping. The gaps themselves can later be covered from the top with molding.

6. Once you have the first plank in place, start installing the others against it. After the first plank, the rest is easier but maintain a straight line and ply in the planks as snugly as possible so as not to leave any visible joints.

7. If all goes well, then the last plank might fit in snugly as well. But that is often not the case and you would have to cut it, measuring the distance from the second last plank to the threshold.

8. After carefully measuring the width of the last plank, cut it and install it. Then tuck in the base moldings in the gaps.

Installing laminate flooring takes time, right tools and precision to get it right the first time. If you think it’s daunting and you can’t do it on your own then contact us or Call us (705-881-1750). If you have any queries in your mind then you can visit our website.