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Light vs Dark Kitchen Cabinets

What’s the best option for your kitchen space?

Nothing can quite change the appearance and mood of a household more than a new kitchen. Most people view the kitchen as the center point of their home. Being that the kitchen is made up of several main elements and there are many options for each item, finding a starting point can be difficult and confusing. These decisions get easier when we separate the kitchen into its individual components.

– Cabinets
– Countertop
– Backsplash
– Appliances and hardware
– Floors and walls

Designers usually start with the big items first and work back to the small details. Since the cabinets take up most of the visual area and typically make up the largest portion of the budget; this would be a great place to start. The first question most homeowners ask is; light or dark cabinets?

Whether you are going for a modern or classic design, the style and color should be pleasing to you. When it comes to cabinet color, the size and shape of the kitchen along with available natural light can help to determine which option is best for the space.



Light cabinets are thought to be best for a modern kitchen and dark cabinets typically create a more classic look. However there is no reason a light color cabinet could not be used to create a rustic or cottage feel as it is the sum of all the elements within a kitchen that ultimately creates the design style you will achieve. If we take two identical kitchens, and only change the backsplash, the whole design takes on a whole new look.



have heard the old rule that light colors will make a room feel larger and dark colors make a room feel smaller. So if you have a small kitchen, light colors would seem to be an obvious choice. However, although the area taken up by the kitchen may be small, it could be part of a larger open concept space. There may be no reason a dark finish could not be used in this type of kitchen space and be combined with lighter colors on the walls, floors, backsplash and countertop to create a well-balanced design.



When the goal of a renovation is to upgrade for the purpose of selling or flipping a house you will want to go with a color and style that appeals to the majority of potential buyers. White cabinets, particularly in the Shaker style continues to be the preferred choice in 2020 and showing no signs of losing the top spot any time soon. White can be paired with almost any other color and the simplicity of shaker cabinet style can match up with nearly any design style.



At the end of the day it all comes down to your personal preference. Light cabinets may technically be the best choice for a smaller space, as light colors will make a room appear larger. It may also be your least favorite option. Since this is your dream kitchen and you undoubtedly been thinking about it for a long time, you will want to go with a cabinet color that suits your taste and a cabinet style that fits with the design style you want to achieve. After all, you and your family will be the ones who live in and use this space. When you sit in your kitchen and look up, you want to feel good about the space you created.

In summary, there is no simple answer that will work for everyone and every kitchen space. Each and every kitchen is different and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Work with a designer who can show you samples to get started and also provides 3D photorealistic images of the design so you do not have to imagine how your color choices will match up.

Sometimes we don’t know what we like until we see it.

Spring Cleaning for your entire kitchen

Spring Cleaning for your kitchen

Spring has sprung and so has the time to clean your kitchen! Yes, we know that probably
wasn’t at the top of your list of things you were excited for in light of the coming nice
weather, but after all of the wonderful and food friendly holidays that have taken place over
the cold months your kitchen could probably use a deep cleaning!

I’m not going to lie to you the kitchen won’t be the easiest room in the house to tackle but
keeping it clean is an essential part of having a beautiful and functional kitchen not to
mention is a delight to cook in and cooking at home more regularly saves money. who
doesn’t like saving money?

So, how does one efficiently go about spring cleaning a kitchen you ask? Well that my fellow
kitchen owners is what we created this checklist for!

Get ready to get dirty (and clean?)

First things first, you’ll need to gather your cleaning supplies, make sure all the dishes are
done, take out the trash, and remove any non-kitcheny clutter from the area you’re going to
be cleaning.

● Rubber gloves
● Trash bags
● Cleaning rags
● Paper towels
● Glass cleaner
● Degreasing spray
● Warm water and mild soap
● broom/vacuum
● Mop
● Old toothbrush or little brush to scrub with
● Duster
● Vineger
● Baking soda
● New shelf liners if needed

Kitchen Cabinets and pantries

So we’re going to tackle the kitchen cabinets and pantries first because they’re probably the
most neglected part of your kitchen when it comes to getting cleaned. Don’t even get me
started on that pantry. How long has that opened box of cereal the kids didn’t like been in
there? Months? Years? Who knows but it’s time to purge!

● Remove everything from cabinets and sort trash, donate, keep.
● Dust tops of cabinets
● Using a clean rag and some mild soapy water clean inside cabinet shelves, organizers, and
cabinet doors to remove any grease or grime (we also use and highly recommend Zep
Cabinet Cleaner available at Home Depot)
● Wipe down and disinfect any knobs
● Replace shelf liners and neatly place back items in cabinets making sure pots and tupperware
have their matching lids and opened food has no remnants on the outside of its packaging.
● If you have a closet pantry then make sure to sweep and mop the floor in it


Ah yes the drawers, where we throw everything we don’t have an exact home for ranging
from random pens, elastics, and kitchen linens to the cooking utensils we only ever use at

● Remove everything from drawers and sort trash, donate, keep
● Wipe down insides and face of drawers with mild soapy water
● Replace drawer liners and add organizers if needed
● Replace drawer contents neatly making sure everything has a proper home
● Wipe down and disinfect knobs

Fridge & Freezer

This is where most of the mess happens, things go bad, food spills and we all know that
once something is put in the freezer it is immortal and can live there forever (not).

● Remove all food from the fridge & freezer and toss any items that have expired, have freezer
burn, old leftovers, or anything that is taking up space and probably won’t get used. (compost
if you can because being mindful of the environment is cool)
● Take out all shelves and drawers that are removable so you can clean them better
● Spray shelves, drawers, and inside of the fridge with with equal parts vinegar & water (safe to
use around food + great cleaning agent) and then wash with warm soapy water
● Line crisper drawers with paper towels, wipe down the outsides of food containers to remove
any grease or food remnants and place back in fridge neatly
● Wipe down outside of fridge and disinfect handles
***Make sure when you’re cleaning your fridge and freezer to not leave out food that could
go bad for too long because food poisoning is less than fun.

Oven & stove top

Because who does like the smell of last weeks lasagna whenever the oven gets turned on?

● Clean inside and outside of oven door with vinegar
● Put on self cleaning function
● Wipe down stove top, knobs, and grates with a sponge and soapy water or degreasing
**please consult owner’s manual or check online for tips specific to your type of oven

Countertops & small countertop appliances

This is the part of your kitchen that is always visible and while your cluttered cupboards may
have gone unnoticed by guests, the fruit flies taking a liking to your less than clean fruit
basket will not.

● Remove cooking utensil holder/paper towel holder/fruit basket and clean separately
● Clean out crumb tray from toaster
● Store any appliances that aren’t used often
● Clean microwave by putting a bowl filled with water, vinegar, and lemon slices in on
high heat for several minutes. Then wipe down with sponge using a 1:1 vinegar &
water solution for microwave windows and extra tough grime.
● Clean countertops and backsplashes with soapy water, dry and polish with a
microfiber cloth to avoid streaks.
● If you have not sealed your granite countertop within the last year or less depending
on how porous your granite is you should definitely do that to prevent stains and
keep it looking nice!

Dishwasher and Sink

You mean we must clean the things that are meant for cleaning things? Yes.
● Place one cup (must be dishwasher safe) of white vinegar on the top rack of dishwasher and
run on hot water cycle to clean and remove any grime/odors
● To clean your sink sprinkle with baking soda and scrub into a paste with sponge. After, spray
with white vinegar and buff with sponge to disinfect and remove water stains. Rinse with
● To clean sink faucet and handles use a mild soapy solution and a toothbrush to get in hard to
reach places
● A trick to add shine to your stainless steel sink is to rub a couple tablespoons of all purpose
flour all around the basin with a soft cloth. Rinse with water and dry when finished. Even rub
in a couple drops of olive oil with paper towel to further promote shine and make it last!

Everything else!!

Okay guys this is the home stretch to finishing our beautifully clean, magazine worthy
kitchen. (yay) Just the final touches left!

● Put all kitchen linens in laundry
● Clean and polish the dinner table
● Wipe down any chairs or bar stools and clean any removable chair cushions
● Place back and organize any items you previously removed from your countertop
● Dust and wipe down any light fixtures, blinds, ceiling fans, wall art, and ornaments
● Clean windows and windowsills
● Vacuum, spot clean, and mop floors
● Consider adding any decorations or organizers you may want

How about a celebratory meal in your newly clean and organized kitchen? For more to do
with all things kitchen check out our weekly blog posts here or like us on Facebook !


Sense of community is important to us, we wanted to ring in the holidays and kick off 2016 doing something special. RockWood Kitchens’ search for south central Ontario’s ugly kitchens was launched the second week of December, 2015. Running the contest using a third party app from our Facebook page, ugly kitchens across south central Ontario began to pour in. Close to one thousand dream kitchen winner hopefuls submitted entries in anticipation to win RockWood Kitchens Sizzling Hot Kitchen Giveaway. Up for grabs, a new kitchen including cabinets, backsplash, even the kitchen sink. Teaming up with Mondial Granite, Strongman Appliances, and Füdi Canada we were able to co-partner on the giveaway. Contributions included a granite counter top, upgraded appliances and hot organic meals for one month.

January 4, 2016 marked RockWood Kitchens’ first ever Sizzling Hot Kitchen Giveaway, it was a huge success! We feel fortunate for having the opportunity to award a new fully installed dream kitchen to our contest winner, Donna Allen of Ajax, Ontario. By tapping in and connecting with our neighbors and members of the community we were able to learn more about concerns and what customers are looking for when purchasing a new kitchen. The feedback had reiterated what we always aimed to offer our customers in the first place, a long lasting, quality product and reliable service made affordable.

Participants were asked to submit a photo of their ugly kitchens through our contest app, along with a short caption explaining why they should win. “Friends” of contestants and Sizzling Hot Kitchen Giveaway supporters voted for the winner by “liking” the entry. The ugly kitchens with the most votes went onto the finals where a gathered total of 16,000 votes tallied up across the top 25 finalists. It was very difficult to choose only one winner, co-owner Jerrold Creighton had this to say.

“We thank everybody who participated in the contest, as well as their family and friends who also helped out and hope everyone had fun with it. We wanted to choose a kitchen that was truly in need of a remodel and not just pick a winner based on votes alone. Votes can be bought, traded, or self produced but at the same time they can bring interest to the contest so they cannot be ignored either. From the 10 entries with the highest votes at 9:00am January 4th, there were two kitchens that we thought were in the most desperate need of a makeover. If the contest was based on the highest votes alone, I’m sure many people would not be so happy with the results as that kitchen might not have needed a renovation at all, relative to others. We are trying to do something pretty nice here for somebody as well as have fun and do something a little different over the holiday. For sure not everybody will be happy with the results but I think we chose well from the entries we had to choose from.”

The contest resulted in positive feedback and a stronger connection to our community, we feel so grateful for this. The outpour of supporters rooting for the contest winner was truly fantastic and inspired us to offer whatever discount we could. Geographical boundaries for entrees into the Sizzling Hot Kitchen Giveaway contest were set based on our four locations across south central Ontario including Peterborough, Barrie, Newmarket and Vaughan. This year we aim to grow and expand so that we can continue to bring the heat to home kitchens across Ontario. We would like very much to continue to offer our unbeatable prices and keep people smiling. On behalf of RockWood Kitchens owners and staff we would like to thank our valued customers, community, and all those who helped to make the Sizzling Hot Kitchen Giveaway a success.

RockWood Kitchens Team


Giving yourself ample time to plan ahead means more opportunity to spend on the details that make the event perfect. Unless one finds enjoyment in hosting a disastrous dinner, the way to a smooth sailing holiday soiree with style and personal touch is to make a list of things to do in advance and a date that they need be done. Ashley Tara Rogers, Head Designer for RockWood Kitchens says, “The holidays are exciting, hosting a dinner for family and friends can get a little chaotic and add extra stress. Preparing your kitchen ahead of time will put you in a better position to ensure that your events run smoothly, and allow you time to enjoy the company of your guests.”

Gray Kitchen Cabinets; Timely or Timeless?

The kitchen is the main hub of a home, it is where we prepare meals, eat, the kids gather round to do homework, and entertain our friends in family. In recent years design experts have taken all this in to consideration when creating plans for new builds and renovations. Creating open living spaces is what is on everyone’s mind. With this now the growing want, colour selections have to be more thought through to ensure each room works in accordance with the other. With this being said the kitchen is one of the largest most expensive renovations that can be done in a home, so choosing the finishes a design for this space can be a home owner’s biggest decision in regards to design.

Tips That Will Help To Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Tips That Will Help To Make Your Kitchen More Functional

The kitchen is the most important part of any house. It is the main hub of the house were lot of activities take place from cooking delicious food, bonding with family members, kitchen gossip, etc… The homemaker spends a lot of their time in the kitchen. With the advancement of new design ideas and gadgets always coming out which can make your kitchen more functional and attractive. A beautiful and organized kitchen can show the taste of the owner. The kitchen can be designed according to the available space. There are a lot of designers available who can give you a proper suggestion and can make your kitchen absolutely spectacular.

Redesign Your Kitchen With Latest Accessories

The World is a small place now , so has decreased the space of the house similarly sizes of the kitchen .Modern kitchens are small , clean and very simple to use due to free flowing space for work. In a modern kitchen you can keep your dishwasher and refrigerator under the hidden panels. The Kitchen area is small, so you cannot keep lots of appliances in the kitchen area. Add a color theme to uplift small kitchen design. Color is the most effective tool used by all designers across the globe.

Plan your kitchen with Kitchen Cabinets Peterborough

Designing your small kitchen is a challenging task and requires time to evaluate your needs and wants, resulting in a beautiful and proper functioning kitchen .First, make a list of the areas you want to use the most.Select the appliances you want to be included in the kitchen area.Selection of countertops plays a vital role in the looks of your kitchen.Prepare a list of items you use on a daily basis and know where you want to keep them in the new kitchen . Kitchen Cabinets Peterborough is affordable as per your budget and preference.

Renovate Your Kitchen With Online Kitchen Cabinets

It’s the time for you to design your kitchen according to your taste and references. All of us want our kitchen to be a mark of personality and a wow gesture from the guests due to its outstanding appearance. Not only this, but you also want a high class product with extra durability and lasting quality. But most of you think you will have to compromise on some factors due to a low budget? What if, I promise you the best in the lowest budget? Have you ever seek to buy Kitchen cabinets online in Canada?

Make your Kitchen Functionally & Aesthetically Better


In any residence, the kitchen gets the pride of place for maximum hygiene and the most convenient interiors. One of the most cost-efficient and the easiest avenue to refurnish the kitchen is to furnish it with granite countertops. It makes way for better appearance while adding value. They give the kitchen a completely modern and stylish look. However, the application of the granite countertops is not limited only to kitchen – in fact, it has a variety of applications.

Latest Trend of Kitchen Cabinets,New Market

You are now in the right place for decoration and renovation of your kitchen. Moreover that you will not be feeling sad or disappointed with your kitchen decoration as you will now get in touch with award winning kitchen cabinet,Newmarket in your city who are gladly accept you to listen your queries and demands, whatever it is. Their style is the mixture of Italian and English style and quality is diamond class super quality. Their style, design of Kitchen decoration impresses each and every person. Their latest trend is deluxe kitchen and as the latest and promising distributor as well as provider of deluxe Kitchens cabinet,Newmarket, they provide a full range a diversified range of latest and contemporary projects. …

Kitchen –Favorite Place of a House for Every Woman

Kitchen is that area of the house when woman of the house spends maximum time during the day.That is the reason why it is always advised to make your kitchen area hassle free and freely movable during the chores.If you are planning to redesign your kitchen into latest modern kitchen,there are few points which should be considered before final stage. modern kitchen designing requires lot of planning and research about the space of the kitchen and what exactly you want it to be after redesigning process completes.

Benefits Of Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

It’s the time for you to design your kitchen according to your taste and references. All of us want our kitchen to be a mark of personality and a wow gesture from the guests due to its outstanding appearance. Not only this, but you also want a high class product with extra durability and lasting quality. But most of you think you will have to compromise on some factors due to a low budget? What if, I promise you the best in the lowest budget? Have you ever seek to buy Kitchen cabinets online in Canada?

Customised Kitchen Cabinets – Benefits

Home is the only private place where you can do anything without getting interfered. At the same time, you home is a reflection of your personality. Are you among those who spend most time in kitchen? If yes, then you need to know the importance of cabinets in your kitchen. Cabinets are too common in kitchens in Barrie, but the latest trend being custom kitchen cabinets. This is due to the dual advantage of functionality and beauty offered by these cabinets.

Strategies to Help You Live Through Kitchen Remodel

To have your kitchen remodeled is a huge headache. It will disrupt your daily routine, making you and your family suffer in the worst possible way. At times, extensive projects require months for completion. You need to stay practically alert in terms of cooking, cleanup and food storage for as long as the project runs. The tips provided below can help you survive your kitchen remodeling project. …

Guidelines To Ensure A Profitable Kitchen Cabinet Purchase

No kitchen is complete without shelves and cabinets. Cabinets keep items organized so that they can be found on time for use each time you start cooking. Keeping utensils inside kitchen cabinets not only ensure that you find them, but also keep these items clean and in order. To save kitchen area space, the cabinets are either placed above or below the working area.There are several cabinet styles available in the market, having similar designs. Here are some guidelines that will help you find an attractive and functional cabinet for your kitchen. …

Essential Design Guidelines for Your Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, appliances with big brand names don’t add taste to your food. Only when a cook is comfortable with the workplace, can friends and families enjoy sumptuous meals-be ita formal or informal party. The most important point to be noted while designing a kitchen is that it needs to include all the basic essentials using cost-effective remodeling strategies.

5 Great Design Ideas for Kitchen Base Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinet is the most exposed as well as the most utilized area of your home. You will definitely want your cabinet design to be such that there is sufficient space, organization and convenience when using it. This is why you should look for storage options that will establish all the above mentioned points. The following lines discuss 5 popular designs in kitchen base cabinets from which you can choose the one that suits your overall kitchen decor. …

Tricks to Refurbish Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a welcome idea for a home-maker. Who does not want to see fresh paint, new cabinets for kitchen and flooring and other additions in her kitchen? Not only does this add a new touch to the home decor, but it also increases the home value for the homeowner. These days homeowners either opt for new homes with amazing kitchen designs and installation or have their kitchen renovated as soon as they have made financial savings. …

Popular Cabinet Colours for Your Kitchen

White or Off-White Kitchen Cabinets

White or Off-White are one of the most popular styles for kitchen cabinets. Especially in a shaker-style for a cabinet style. A shaker-style is a five piece flat panel style that has a frame made from four pieces and a single flat center panel to make up the fifth piece which creates a beautiful clean look for any kitchen. White cabinets creates a light, clean and simple style for a kitchen that can be designed in any way from contemporary to traditional.

Top 8 Steps to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular flooring option for both domestic and commercial purpose. Ease of maintenance and a wide choice of designs make it a top draw amongst consumers. Another reason of course, is the ease of installation. There is no need to stop work in office or for a family to make major shifting arrangements just because the floor is being done. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing laminate flooring:

Useful 8 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen then here are a few useful tips


You store a lot of items in kitchen – from food items, crockery to linen. It is important to make adequate space for each item so that the items can be found when you need them. The aim is to get a clutter-free environment. Make room for extra cabinets and the smaller articles so that you find them with ease.


Kitchen is the major consumer of water in the home. Hence, the plumbing around the sink should be checked for cracks and leaks regularly. Do not just seal them with adhesives. Replace the pipes because sooner or later the cracks will increase and you will have to overhaul the entire system, which will cost more money. …

10 Easy Decorating Ideas For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner and there are great decorating tips to add a cozy feel for your home. Here are 10 easy decorating ideas for your home without making a dent in your wallet.


Add an autumnal touch to an open bookcase with fall colored leaves and small baby pumpkins. These items can be found at local crafts stores. Strategically place along the shelves, between books, or inside a picture frame for a fall look.

Useful Tips of Selecting the Right Kitchen Floor

How to Select the Right Kitchen Floor?

The life of the house resides within its kitchen. It takes a great deal of careful planning to make a kitchen truly spectacular and at the same time functional enough so that whoever is working in the kitchen can get the work done with utmost ease and comfort. Kitchen flooring plays a pivotal role not only in terms of appearance but also from the point of view of functionality.

Thinking Big On A Smaller Scale

When renovating a small kitchen, not everyone is willing to spend the extra cost to have a wall knocked down to create a larger space. Sometimes you would have to make the best of what you’re working with. While it may seem hard to find the space to fit everything you want in a smaller kitchen but with the right kitchen design, lighting and appliances, any small kitchen can become fabulous and efficient.

Top Updates to Do in Order To Sell Your House Quick

Let’s face it, the market for selling your home is a tough one. The only way to sell your house before your neighbor sell theirs is the amount of problems that have to fix when they move in. The buyer is already spending all this money on their new home and do not want to spend more on fixing or renovating. But with these tips your house will be sold like hotcakes!

Why Opt for Hardwood Flooring

As far as the flooring is concerned, there are a myriad options to choose from. Those who want an upscale and regal look to their house, often opt for marble or granite flooring. Although they look good, somehow, somewhere they lack a certain amount of warmth. Wood flooring, especially hardwood flooring, is meant for those who want a clean, simple and yet lived- in look. Wood finishing brings the feel of being close to nature. Moreover, hardwood is very durable and strong and would for a number of years and is a good investment.

Granite Countertop Colours: Making A Beautiful Home

Granite counter tops are a popular choice because of their durability, low maintenance and high resistance to heat, stains and scratches. The natural shade of granite offers you an array of hue to opt from and it also happens to be extremely pocket friendly! Granite surfaces are eco-friendly and appreciated for a lifetime because they just do not seem to age! They look beautiful and elegant even after using them for a decade.